Creating the Soundtrack to Your Day with Nickel City Sound & Media

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“Every day offers a unique soundtrack.”

There is music all around us. The sounds and rhythms of our environment: traffic, nature, weather, the muffled conversations of passers by; all of these sounds, some that you probably don’t hear or that you might ignore, create a unique soundtrack, set to inspire you, every day. That’s especially true for one local musician turned business owner.

Nestled in the historic theater district of downtown Buffalo, Nickel City Sound & Media is the new recording headquarters for podcasters, musicians, and voice talent in Western New York. Owner and Principal Sound Engineer Joseph Jacobs finds his inspiration in the recordings he creates with other artists.

Jacobs is no stranger to the recording world. He started playing piano at age six and has been recording music almost ever since.

“My earliest memory of recording music involves recording music from my keyboard onto cassette tapes,” Jacobs said.

In high school, he worked at a local studio gaining hands-on training with professional sound engineers, and continued to pursue his passion for recording throughout college. Jacobs has certainly come a long way since his days of recording on cassette. Now, as an established musician himself, with nine albums to his name, he wants to help other artists have their voices, and music, heard.

“It inspires me to collaborate with new artists as well as help established artists evolve, to bring their ideas to life,” Jacobs said.

Nickel City Sound & Media promises the highest-quality sound recordings not only because of Jacobs expert sound mixing and mastering, but his studio also features some of the best recording equipment you will find in Buffalo. Nickel City Sound & Media is an exciting new opportunity for recording artists of all backgrounds to produce professional recordings in an intimate setting.

“We have a whole creative team dedicated to making your recording experience a positive one. We can assist with writing, creative direction, and marketing for your music, podcasts, and commercial voiceover work,” Jacobs added.

If you want to learn more about the recording services offered by Nickel City Sound & Media, please visit

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